Welcome to the Virsix Institute of Counter-Espionage, or as we like to call it, V.I.C.E. Working outside official channels, V.I.C.E. is dedicated to neutralizing current global threats without the restrictions of government intervention. Our methods are a little unusual, but our clients include the C.I.A., MI6, Mossad, the governments of Monaco, Japan, Senegal, and a number of private organizations that choose to remain unknown.
V.I.C.E. is an immersive spy adventure, played at a physical location. Players arrive and are given a quick introductory video in the "briefing room and then proceed to solve a series of puzzles at various stations around the room. Some puzzles take the players out into the real world and some require the assistance of friends. The experience is a hybrid between a movie, a video game, and a scavenger hunt. The intro video is embedded after the credits.
V.I.C.E is brought to you by:

  • Mischa Livingstone: writer, director, cinematographer
  • Eric Gradman: engineer, programmer, official monkey
  • Brent Bushnell: writer, producer, unofficial monkey
  • Tyler Bushnell: game design, grip, interface monkey
  • Izumi Hamagaki: actress Agent Swift
  • Jen Jordan: actrees Agent Swan
  • Bonnie Gordon: actress Agent Kestrel, prize attractor
  • Amit Prime: project manager, audio engineer, programmer
  • Khalil Abul-Haj: sound production & design
  • Josh Siegel: sound production & design
  • Dan Lindquist: hardware production & design
  • Nolan Bushnell: actor Dr Corripio

The briefing room video

V.I.C.E. Intro Video from Brent Bushnell on Vimeo.