Words about groups / by brent

For some reason, etymologists and scientists have felt the need to address groups of organisms using different words. Some, are more commonly known, like a "gaggle of geese" or "herd of elephants" . Here are some lesser known examples: aarmory of aardvarks army of ants barrel of monkeys battery of barracuda bed of clams bloat of hippos cast of crab cete of badgers cloud of bats coalition of cheetah coffle of asses company of parrots congregation of alligators flight of butterfly intrusion of cockroach leash of deer lodge of beavers maul of bears murder of crows orchestra of crickets pack (wild) / litter (young) of dogs parliament of magpie peep of chickens pod of dolphins pounce of cats prickle of porcupines rout of coyote scourge of mosquito shoal of bass stripe of zebra swarm of bees thunder of bison train of camel troop of baboons