Pygame on OSX / by brent

There are a few options for getting pygame running on OSX, namely, the MacPorts version and the version off of the Pygame site. The MacPort is available here. Note it's named py-game.  It has a huge number of dependencies.    Install this via the command:

sudo port install py-game

If it fails for you like it did for me, use the following:

Download the source ball from here. Follow their OSX instructions here with these caveats: - The MacPort package names are wrong in the instructions, use the following command instead:

sudo port install libsdl-framework libsdl_ttf-framework libsdl_image-framework libsdl_mixer-framework

- If you're running SVN 1.5, it isn't supported by the standard OSX python install of setuptools, meaning that pygame won't install. Run the following to remedy:

svn co setuptools cd setuptools sudo python install

In theory, you're done! Download a good game to verify you've got everything running here (tgz file)