The non-phonetic alphabet / by brent

There are many different phonetic alphabets out there, for various applications including telecom, military etc. A variety are covered here.
I'm fascinated with what a hodgepodge the English language is and how often the spelling or pronunciation of its words are counter-intuitive. In appreciation, here's a start at the Non-Phonetic Alphabet:
A as in Aoxomoxoa, aurulent C as in Cthulhu E as in eugenics G as in gnostic, gnarly, gnome, gnat H as in honor, hour, herbivore K as in knife, know, knob, knot M as in mnemonic O as in ouroboros P as in psychotic, pneumatic, psalm, pterodactyl S as in seedy T as in tsunami W as in wrestle, wrong, write, whole X as in xylem, xenophobe, xantham
Many thanks to Christine for great contributions.