UCLA Hammer Museum by brent

Tyler Bushnell and I spent Saturday at a party at the UCLA Hammer Museum in Westwood. We were slated to bring our Laser Maze but the fire marshall thought the particulates in the fog machine would anger the smoke detectors. We fell back to bringing the party table and 3D game. Despite the setback, I must say the attendees had a ball! There were some great other pieces onsite including a not-so-subtle twist on Rodin's Thinker. [nggallery id=20]

ArtWalk Fall '09 by brent

Wow! What a weekend. The Virsix showroom was alive and packed during the biannual Brewery ArtWalk. We had five of our games available and people ages 5 to 70 competing away! Players tested their cat burgling skills in the Laser Maze, avoided traffic in our foot tracking Frogger-style game, contorted their body for human Tetris, and even flew around the galaxy in a space battle. Thanks to all involved for their help putting this on, especially the guys at H2P for a marvelous job filming. [nggallery id=18]

BIL Conference by brent

Had a great time at BIL in Long Beach this past weekend. The presentations were on a very broad range of topics... open source architecture to cyborgs, politics to consciousness, a girl even presented on blow jobs. A contingent of Mindshare labs (Dougie, Eric and I) setup an installation in the interactive room and gave a talk Saturday afternoon titled "Interactive Spaces". I highly recommend BIL as an alternative to TED (seriously).