Entrepreneur Resources / by brent

Crowd-sourced funding platforms:
Kickstarter.com: A site where users can propose projects and the public can pledge funds to them.
Similar sites: IndieGoGo.com, Profounder, Rockethub, Crowdfunder (UK), Petridish (for science projects)

Prosper.com: Lend or borrow money at varying rates. LendingClub.com: Lend or borrow money at varying rates. On Deck Capital: Small business loans

Angel Networks:
AngelList: An international network of Angels founded by Nivi and Naval.
Tech Coast Angels: A southern California network. Free to pitch.
Keiretsu Forum: Avoid! Networks of angels in LA, the Bay Area and the Pacific Northwest. They charge around $6000 to present to multiple regional chapters.
Maverick Angels: A network of angels in southern California. They charge $1500 to present to multiple regional chapters.
Open Angel Forum: Jason Calacanis' free forum to pitch angels. It was catalyzed by the large fees some networks charge to pitch.
FundingPost: Events that match investors with entrepreneurs

Mentor Networks/Accelerators/Incubators:
The Founder Institute: An international program pairing entrepreneurs with mentors over a semester long course
Launchpad LA: An LA-based network of VC's, CEO's and mentors
Ryan Born's comparison of LA Incubators

Pitch help:
Startup Nation Elevator Pitch: Help putting together an elevator pitch
OmniDazzle: A plugin (OSX only) that helps jazz up presentations
Prezi.com: A website that allows creating visual map presentations.
Mint.com Investor Pitch deck: An example of a great pitch deck

Document Templates:
Executive Summary: A sample from DocStoc
Financing templates: Y Combinator, WSGR Plain Preferred Term Sheet Term sheet courtesy of the Founder Institute TechStars docs, Series Seed

Events: Startup Weekend: Conference where attendees create a new startup in 54 hours. Twiistup: Conference that showcase a select group of startups. The Launch Conference: Jason Calacanis' rebirth of the TechCrunch50 event. socaltech.com, coloft.com, and TechZulu.com all maintain calendars of SoCal events. Others events include: Barcamp SD, Under the Radar, HackerSpaces, Caltech/MIT Venture Forum and UCLA Entrepreneurs Conference

Grants: FastLane, SBIR

Help a Startup Out: List of resources for startups.
Startup Digest: emails about startups in your area Debt.org: Information on reducing debt, obtaining financing etc.
TheFunded.com: A site for entrepreneurs to share experiences with funding sources
ChubbyBrain: A site to recommend funding sources based on your business

Twitter: VentureHacks: Advice for startups from some of the investors in Twitter. Their AngelList is a great resource too. LAUNCH Conference list of Angels Mark Suster: Los Angeles VC looking for passionate entrepreneurs

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