Company Naming Resources by brent

Naming companies is so difficult. The number of constraints a name must satisfy only seems to grow each year. Between the dearth of available domain names, acceptability in other languages and international markets you might go into, it's surprising we don't have more names like Zzyzx.
Here are some resources to help with the process:

Steps to profit by by brent

Step 1: Pick something you like.Step 2: Think of as many ways as possible to make it better, more efficient, more durable, cheaper, longer lasting, more entertaining et cetera. Step 3: Which solution from step 2 are your skills or connections the best fit for? Step 4: Find inexpensive way to put prototype in front of potential customers. Step 5: Note feedback from step 4 and iterate. Step 6: Profit. (Step 7: Contribute.)