ArtWalk Spring '10 / by brent

The Spring 2010 Brewery Artwalk will be taking place in downtown Los Angeles the weekend of 4/17/10-4/18/10. Artists will have their lofts open from 11am-6pm both days. If you haven't been, the event is a blast and a fun way to see much of the eclectic offerings of the Brewery residents.
Virsix will be open to the public too, but with a much more serious purpose. Finally revealing ourselves as the Virsix Institute of Counter Espionage (V.I.C.E.) we are dedicated to neutralizing current global threats without the restrictions of government intervention. We'll be evaluating the weekend's attendees, looking for the most promising new recruits. Do you have what it takes to join our ranks? The world needs you. Visit our location to learn more.